Wednesday, December 17, 2014


"It's the little things that count, hundreds of 'em."
Cliff Shaw
Christmas Day is almost here...and how wonderful it is.  To me, it's one of the most beautiful times of the year...everything seems more warm, more loving...lots of goodness just waiting to be discovered. 
Okay, there's always a little 'bah-humbug-ing' but that can be overlooked...doesn't dampen my enthusiasm...what about yours?
I have nothing on 'my list' of wants for Christmas...nor does Michael.  Both of us are absolutely content ~ happy with what we have and where we are...24/7. 
How could we ask for anything when we have so much? 
After many years our four sons are all within the area from Aledo to good is that?  That means all twenty-two of us are able to be together...well, together with prior scheduling and know how that is, right?
Being with loved ones is something that almost takes one's breath...warm and out of a storybook...perfect.
It's sad that not everyone is having that experience...lots of bumps cause broken spirits...broken hearts...misery, anger and tears. 
Sometimes a boss has no choice but to let someone go during the holidays...a bummer.  Sickness comes along at inopportune times...some are not so bad, others are deadly.  Marriages collapse...friendships fracture. 
Heartaches and heartbreaks don't take a break so the season can be bleak for many.
It's ever so easy to say, "Bless you, I'll pray for you.  Merry Christmas".  I need to think about that...and take positive steps to do more.  More what?  Well, more of what might be needed by that person. 
You know, the one who has the sad eyes...the one who can't smile...the one who looks down and out...crushed...miserable.  Looking the other way doesn't cut it...those faces stay in the heart.  
Remember, it's Christmas; the majority of the world is celebrating Christ's birthday...
He is the reason for the season.  And here's my thinking...I've no need to wait until I can do some 'big' thing for someone.
He has this way of giving me multiple opportunities every week to do something for someone. He's great about that...and I like it...I really do!
I just need to keep in mind: "It's the little things that count, hundreds of 'em." 
Merry Christmas!
From my yours,

Friday, December 12, 2014


"Having a bad day ?
Hold your hand over your heart.
Feel that ? That beating ?
That's called purpose.
You're alive for a reason."
You ever had a bad day?  Had one recently?  If not, you must be a rare bird.  It takes effort to 'stay up' 24/7...sometimes a great deal of effort.

Christmas Day is right around the corner and the days seem to be can time go so fast and I go so slow?  Oh well, best gear up and get with it, yes?

Every year I think I'll get a head start on everything and do a better job of it each day...but you know what?  I'm Vasca who lollygags much of the time...but I so enjoy doing it.

Well, no one is tied in knots if 'my list' (I don't make lists anyway) gets lost or thrown out with the other trash...I'm not a perfectionist, so my problem is solved...way to go!

Michael once...long ago...before I infected him...was sort of a list maker.  He was focused...FOCUSED...isn't it nice the way couples accommodate each other?  Cuts down on sticky situations...yep, sure does.  I smile at him and he smiles back...that's why I adore him.

This time of the year always 'grabs' my heart, I am sentimental anyway but there's just something extra special about this season...I work these fingers on the computer with a CD playing beautiful Christmas music and you know...I get misty-eyed...and it's wonderful.

I think about my life before Michael...I think about my life with Michael...I do a lot of thinking.  All the Christmas times we've been together (so many)...Christmas times we've been thousands of miles apart...awesome times.

God has always been there for me, for us.  Oh believe me, there were years when I didn't want to put my hand on my heart; didn't care whether or not it was beating.  Those were my bad days which became bad very bad years. 

But...oh but...God took me to task, ever so gently...ever so lovingly...
and guess what?
He awakened me to something I'd not realized...purpose...purpose!
He taught me that I was here for a reason; imagine that? 
Me, who seemed to think I wasn't worth much...had an awakening. 
How good was that? 
Must say, it's downright awesome...awesomely awesome!

Perhaps you've never felt as I did; you've always been sure of everything. 
Then again, just maybe you've had a 'bad day' run that never seemed to end. 

"Having a bad day ?
Hold your hand over your heart.
Feel that ? That beating ?
That's called purpose.
You're alive for a reason."

My heart isn't beating just to pass the time of day...
It's beating because He's given me something to do...a reason for being here.
It's good...very good.

From my yours,

Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Christmas waves a magic wand over this world,
and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful. 
Norman Vincent Peale
Okay folks, ready or not, it's here!  Holiday time...began Thanksgiving Day running until New Year's Day...the season we look forward to all year. 
What?  Not? 
Okay, so what if many people lose their 'jollies' and dread this season?  Not so much a bah-humbug thing as a totally worn-out thing.  Oh no, spending money on gifts one really doesn't want to give...don't want to go to their parents home/don't want to go to possibly braved the Black Friday crowds and your credit card is zapped...already?
Too many Christmas parties? 
Guess one must be selective and not overdo the schedule... 
too much baking, eating...celebrating en masse! 
Wow...things tend to drown a person...if caution is thrown to the wind.                                              
Some are sick of those Christmas carols before they even began playing!
Is that it?          
Hey, they only play for one season a year.                                                                           
Football, baseball, basketball, etc. have their seasons and people
go bonkers over their favorites; the sky's the limit. 
Why the angst over seasonal music...listen and be warm.                                                 
So many beautiful decorations have been put up and out...
they're sparkling...beautiful.

Trees of all shapes, sizes...any type you want...
decorated with everything from soup to nuts. 

Speaking of nuts, when I was growing up
our big treat at Christmas was my Dad bringing home
bags of big navel oranges, apples and lots of nuts...
the kind you crack!

Simplicity reigned and we were given one gift...exciting. 
Eleanor Roosevelt said: "Since you get more joy out of giving joy to others,
you should put a good deal of thought into the happiness that you are able to give."
Personally, I absolutely love this time of year...I love loving and I love giving...not always something of monetary value...but something of value, period. 

Not only is it possible, it's probable many are down in spirit...feeling they've nothing positive in life.  There are many and I won't always know what they could need or use at any given moment.  I do watch eyes and body language.

Sharing is a precious thing...I can share a special thought...when God has done something in my life that fans my spark, maybe He will give me the opportunity to share with someone who could use a spark.  Watch their's said the eyes are the windows to ones' soul.  Live and learn...worth trying.

The other night...M was out and about...I was 'home alone' when the doorbell rang.  Thinking it was him I hurriedly opened the door to discover a very nervous young boy standing there.
He asked if he could borrow my phone; I admit to having a few seconds of doubt.  Was this a part of a set-up?  Did he want to steal something?  Questions, questions!  Then I thought, "what if this was my boy?"...said yes and got my cell phone, he remained outside.  I dialed the number he gave me, put it on the speaker, then handed him the phone...praying all the while it was legitimate!

He and his mom...
"Mom, I need you to come and get me."  His bike was parked on my front sidewalk.
Seems he had been in the park w/a group and someone who had said they'd deliver he and his bike home...forgot and left w/o him. 
It was dark as could be and this little guy was scared out of his wits.
His mom chastised him and said he should ride on home; he repeatedly told her how scared he was and to please, please come and get him..NOW.
She finally relented and told him where to wait...the last thing he said was,
"Mom, please hurry...please hurry...I am REALLY scared."
Then he repeatedly thanked me and went to retrieve his bike. 
I called out, "Hey, don't be'll be okay now." 
He said, "Okay, okay...I know".

Whatever the never know...might be a gift that gives on giving.
After all, the reason for the season is the One who gave the greatest gift of all.
The gift that keeps on giving...on and on...and on!
Blessed is the season which engages
the whole world in a conspiracy of love! 
Hamilton Wright Mabie
From my yours!
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