Sunday, January 18, 2015


"If life is just a bowl of cherries,
then what am I doing in the pits?"
Erma Bombeck
Some days you might think it just doesn't pay to get out of bed...then again, some days you pop up like a cracker jack, ready for any and everything.   Which do you prefer?
Personally, I like the 'pop up' best; and since I expect it that's usually what takes place.  Of course...there are exceptions.
Michael and I have just slowed down and are about to get off the roller-coaster we've been on for a few weeks...and the coming off is very nice, thank you!  
Each time we'd reach one of those frightening!  Here we'd go down to the depths and in spite of smiling, my stomach was anything but a bowl of cherries!  You've probably been there, done that, right? 
Reality comes with the pits...but mindset has more than much control over the bumps!   Life can and often is full of and downs...some individuals have more than others.  I was one of those who had lots of bumps and they did bother me at times; looking back on them?  I was so blest w/happiness in spite of those ups and downs.
Thinking of the past has me smiling...because what was predicted for my life by physicians and what usually happened to people w/my medical problems didn't happen...on the contrary.
The most amusing was that I wouldn't be able to become pregnant...and if per chance I did, I probably couldn't carry full other words we would have no children...period. ambition was to be a wife and mother.
Surprise, surprise! We had four beautiful, healthy, not so little baby less that five years how about that?  Actually I wasn't so wild about the time frame but it all worked out beautifully.  Look at my four men now!  
Money was never a problem because we didn't have enough to worry about...but we always had enough.  
We had no insurance...ah, those were the days but we made it through the four babies, complicated leg surgery for for one of the children.  We always had enough.
M's father gave M an acre of minerals for his birthday after we were married...that was in the 50's.  The two of us had a big surprise in the 70's when we received a piece of mail with a big check inside...very big, to us!  
The envelope bore the return address Pride Oil Co. Abilene, Texas in purple letters...we smiled at that and dubbed the royalty  'God's Little Acre'. 
It was funny because M had attended ACU two years prior to our meeting/marriage.  ACU's colors...purple...they were the 'purple pride'.
M's dad had attended ACU in the 1920's and played on the football team.  (Never hurts to throw in a little trivia, right?)  
Okay, it might have been coincidental but we called it a blessing.
One time M and I emptied ourselves for God...three months later he was diagnosed with the fatal, incurable condition of Amyloidosis.  Less than a year later he was blest with the diagnosis that his was localized and was not affecting any of the vital organs...the blessing of a reprieve.  The specialists pronounced him 'lucky'...we corrected them with 'blessing'.  They agreed.
Looking back isn't always a smart thing...all depends on what one is looking at...but when M and I look back we see this.  We were always happy and content...when you're in the military you aren't concerned about 'keeping up with the Jones's' because everyone is on the salary charts for all to see and lots of contemporaries...every one's in the same boat.  That's what you might call 'good training'.
Could be the two of us are overly simple.  If so, then simply put that's okay because we're extremely happy, ever so content and more in love with each other every day.  We have a common goal and that's to live for God. 
M and I aren't always the smartest cookies in the box so we probably don't always know what we need (really?); however (and this is a biggie) HE does! 
We've had more than enough from the beginning!
From my yours,

Monday, January 5, 2015


"I do a lot of reading, meditating, and praying
to stay as grounded as I can be in this crazy world."
What d'ya mean, it's here?  
Not ready for a new year, where'd the last one run off to? 
Best get my groove think?   
Well now...people are busy recovering from too much accounts...piggy banks probably need replenishing.  Did I hear 'too much food'?  Guess so, why else would the gyms be so crowded w/new members...recovering from something, you think?
Well, this is time or rather was the time for least that's the talk...people are back to work, back to school...five days into the new year already!  Time flies. 
I don't have a list...but I do have some thoughts.
The first few paragraphs of this post were in place prior to appropriate they became after 'our holiday'. 
M and I were turned upside-down Christmas Eve day when he had a big, bad breathing problem; we were seen in the ER, x-rayed and discovered he had pleurisy.  A few days after Christmas we were at Baylor All-Saints in Ft. Worth being admitted with pneumonia and what was called 'altered mental status'...aka hallucinations caused from the infection. 
Trust me here...I had hours and hours of meditating, praying and doing my best to stay grounded in the crazy world I was plunged into w/no warning...none!  It was without a doubt the most terrifying experience in my none! 
Somehow I stayed level and God got me through it w/o incident. 
I have run a gamut of emotions...have they impacted my thinking, my life?  Definitely, oh so every way. 
Tears have come...tears are still coming and I know they will continue...that's okay 'cause tears are good...healthy!
Tears of thanksgiving, tears of recognition. 
Recognition of how powerful love is...
how powerful families are...
how powerful God is and always will be. 
Oh my, everything that's said about the power of love is right right on. 
It's okay to cry about such powerful things, right? 
What's my plan for the year, then?  Well, here it is and this was in place weeks ago!
"Resolution One:
I will live for God.
Resolution Two:
If no one else does, I still will."
Jonathan Edwards
There it print...for me to do!  I promise to live by this!
Happy New Year...From my happy yours,

Wednesday, December 17, 2014


"It's the little things that count, hundreds of 'em."
Cliff Shaw
Christmas Day is almost here...and how wonderful it is.  To me, it's one of the most beautiful times of the year...everything seems more warm, more loving...lots of goodness just waiting to be discovered. 
Okay, there's always a little 'bah-humbug-ing' but that can be overlooked...doesn't dampen my enthusiasm...what about yours?
I have nothing on 'my list' of wants for Christmas...nor does Michael.  Both of us are absolutely content ~ happy with what we have and where we are...24/7. 
How could we ask for anything when we have so much? 
After many years our four sons are all within the area from Aledo to good is that?  That means all twenty-two of us are able to be together...well, together with prior scheduling and know how that is, right?
Being with loved ones is something that almost takes one's breath...warm and out of a storybook...perfect.
It's sad that not everyone is having that experience...lots of bumps cause broken spirits...broken hearts...misery, anger and tears. 
Sometimes a boss has no choice but to let someone go during the holidays...a bummer.  Sickness comes along at inopportune times...some are not so bad, others are deadly.  Marriages collapse...friendships fracture. 
Heartaches and heartbreaks don't take a break so the season can be bleak for many.
It's ever so easy to say, "Bless you, I'll pray for you.  Merry Christmas".  I need to think about that...and take positive steps to do more.  More what?  Well, more of what might be needed by that person. 
You know, the one who has the sad eyes...the one who can't smile...the one who looks down and out...crushed...miserable.  Looking the other way doesn't cut it...those faces stay in the heart.  
Remember, it's Christmas; the majority of the world is celebrating Christ's birthday...
He is the reason for the season.  And here's my thinking...I've no need to wait until I can do some 'big' thing for someone.
He has this way of giving me multiple opportunities every week to do something for someone. He's great about that...and I like it...I really do!
I just need to keep in mind: "It's the little things that count, hundreds of 'em." 
Merry Christmas!
From my yours,